Friday, June 18, 2010


This is a fun weekly MEME that I've only done once so far. This will be my second one. (right there, if I were reading this blog, I would be thinking So What!? Who cares if you've done one or two? Big Deal, unnecessary detail - but I'm leaving it in anyway)
The premise, or guidelines:
  • Grab the book nearest you (right now)
  • Turn to page 56
  • Find the fifth sentence
  • Post that sentence (plus one or two other if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or in the comments section of StoryTime with Tonya and Friends (if you do not have your own blog)
  • Post a link along with your post back to here. (me here, look for the lastest friday56 post)
  • **Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST

Some of my friends were doing this on Facebook a while ago, it was pretty fun. Only it wasn't called the Friday 56, it was something else. One time the only book I had by the computer was a baby book, so I used that - the rules on that one if I remember right, was turn to a Random page, and find the 6th line - (same basic rules, nearest book, with out the link to a blog)

Back to my Friday 56: The closest book to me is actually sitting on my little table by the computer. It's been there since I reviewed it, because I am horribly lazy about finding space on my overcrowded bookshelves. The book is Song of Scarabaeus (wonderful book, btw) by Sara Creasy
Lines 5 and 6 ...Edie tapped the duffel bag with the toe of her boot. "And she gave me back my own boots."

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  1. Nice 56! Happy Friday! Here's mine: