Friday, June 25, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I ran RAGGED all day long......

I'm exaggerating. It wasn't really all day long. only from about 5:30 on, when my son went to work and I was left with the little hellion!

Babysitting now consists of making sure that the boy doesn't end up outside by himself for even a second! because we now have a 10 foot diameter pool, that is about four feet (maybe a little less) deep. Deep enough to drown in for a kid that is independent enough to try to get any toy or item he wants to touch from any surface.

Before, if he ran outside for a few minutes, I could take my time going after him, because he was in an enlosed back yard. But now the pool is there.

So I ran RaGGed all evening.

The kid wanted three dinners....(a hot dog, a burrito, pudding, a popsicle, nom,nom,nom,nom) That boy can EAT.

Needed lots to drink.

Feed me

Decided he wants to wear underwear and use the toilet - sometimes every 3 seconds. Not going to tell him no.

Read me a book,


Put on a movie

Feed Me

Go poopoo (this means peepee)

Go poopoo


Feed Me

Go poopoo!






Then Papa comes home from "visiting" his son at his work. The son works at a bar. It's apparently necessary to "Visit" him at the bar. For an hour or two.....

I love being with the grandson, and when most of the others are gone, he pays a lot of attention to me, and will actually SIT IN MY LAP.

At no other time will he sit and cuddle with me.

He ran back and forth between the bedroom and the living room.

He wanted to go to bed, but everytime he heard me, he ran out.

Finally I made him a bed on the couch with pillows and a little blanket.

He patted the pillow next to him and said very clearly "C'mon G'amma"


I laid down next to him.

Skippyjon laid by our legs

He grabbed my arm and held it so tight against his little chest with both of his arms....

He was asleep in two minutes.

I love him.


  1. Our Grandson and his mommy live with us, she works second shift, so he goes to a sitter for about three hours and then are evenings are just as you described, minus the pool. He likes to go out visiting though so the chasing is the same, but it's papa, and aunts and uncles chasing as I am disabled, but we have the best grandma time every morning so mommy can sleep a little longer. I LOVE IT!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!


  2. Dollycas - It's way more fun than I ever imagined, being a grandma. Sometimes it's a little heartbreaking - today the granddaughter was visiting and I had a doctor appointment - you would have thought I was leaving for ever. She dropped on the ground, crying "Don't leave! Grandma STAY" It was Oscar worthy. I should add that she's three years old. She sees me at least three days a week, but they used to live with us - for a year, so she remembers being able to see me everyday.

    I think being the grandma is probably a good trade off for getting older.