Friday, June 4, 2010

Feel Good Friday

One of the best feel-good-make-you-laugh-your-a__-off blogs ever!

My family went to a wedding recently.
One of the boys that they've grown up with is now a happily married man, but that's not what this post is about.
In a truly narcissistic way, this is all about ME, and how something felt so nice for ME.
As some of you know by now (cause I write about it all the time) I frequently have my granddaughter spend from one to four nights at a time with us.
She is a three year old, with typical three year old morals, emotions, and reasoning.
She's always been very ahead of average as far as speech, walking, physical coordination, and conversations go.
For over a year now, she's been able to carry on pretty intense conversations, make up stories, or even say things to people like, "Don't be afraid, it's just a movie" (when talking about a movie someone had seen).
By the time she was two, she could count to ten - because everytime we read a book, we had to count things on each page.
At times she is very "spirited" and persistant.
This is code for throwing tantrums, or being difficult and stubborn.
I had her for a couple of days before the wedding and she was at her most spirited.
She had been arguing over using the toilet.
She had been trying to be good about sharing toys with her cousin, but at times it was very hard for her.
She pinched her cousin.
She pinched the dog.
She had actually told me NO a few times.
She had a time out with me - which at our house means you have to go lay down on my bed, and try to calm yourself down.
It took her 20 minutes to stop crying and yelling - though it did end in a hug.
I try to hug the grandchildren after a time out, so they don't get the idea that Grandma is mad forever at them.
{Wish I had done this with my own when they were little, but we all live and learn}
Despite the dramatic time together we had on this particular visit, when it was time to go she didn't want to leave, an in fact started crying.
Cried all the way out to the car with my son (who was driving her home).
We meet up at the wedding.
We were guests, my son was a groomsman, the grandson's mom was a bridesmaid, and the grandson was a ring-bearer.
This meant that our whole family was there - my husband, all our children (grown-ups now), grandchildren, ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend, and son-in-law.
We're sitting at a table together.
There's a lull in the conversation.
My granddaughter looks up at me and says very clearly and a bit loudly:
"I love you, Grandma"
I love you too Preciosa


  1. That is a very sweet and "feel good" story. I love it!
    Here is my Feel Good Friday!

  2. AWE, I am very lucky my grandson and my daughter live with us so I get to spend time with him everyday. One day a week he spends with his dad and his other set of grandparents, and he does go to a sitter a few hours each day and I miss him so much, he is 2 1/2 and grows and learns new things each day and it is such a joy to have him here with us. they grow so fast, we are truly blessed.


  3. Ms Lori - sounds like we have the exact opposite situation in the case of my grandson. His mom and him live with her parents, and since my son lives wih us, we get to have him for two over-nights a week. Plus I'm always willing to babysit, but she doesn't take advantage of that as much as would like. He just turned two and is a handful.

    With my granddaughter, I was lucky enough to have her and her parents with us for a year - it was great watching her grow and her mind expand in that year. I feel like I don't get to see her enough, but really she spends at least 3 nights a week with us, so I really am fortunate.