Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magic On the Storm - review

Magic On The Storm


Devon Monk

First off - I love this cover - it's a much better angle than the last cover which made Allie Beckstrom look a bit anorexic. Here she appears to have some thigh muscles, which you would expect from someone who walks as much as Allie does in Portland.

Devon Monk is the queen of cliffhangers - always leaves me thinking some variation of "Oh HELL no! WTF is she going to do now?" she being Allie of course, not Devon :). Oh this was good.

Once again, Ms Devon Monk has brought us another chapter in Allie Beckstrom's complicated life. She has been brought into the Authority for magical training at an unfortunate time. The training is something she needs, but there is something strange going on with her teachers. Some of them are downright sinister. Allie is also trying to continue making a safe haven and safe policies for the Hounds of the city - in case you haven't read ANY of these books (and why not!?! ), Hounds are people like Allie, who are able to Scent magic by using magic to tell what kind of spell has been used, and at times who made the spell. It's a dangerous occupation and Hounds are generally loners with extreme issues.

I feel like if I say too much more about this book, it will turn into a major spoiler. Devon Monk is one of my favorite authors. Her dialogue between characters is good, very good with plenty of chuckles. One of the side character, Shamus - is pretty funny in a sullen bad-boy way. There is also a continuation of Stone's character - and what a character he (she?) is. I'm hoping Stone will be in ALL of the following books. I love how Devon Monk just seamlessly writes about some of Stone's activities (stacking things, playing the toilet game, etc) and Stone is definitely extremely protective of Allie.

Another continuing presence is Allie's dad, in her head. This is great, because Devon makes sure she puts in some of the potential creepiness that can ensue with your dad occupying space in your head - fighting for control of your body so he to people.

With this books cliffhanger ending, I am very relieved that the next book will be a mere 6 months away - only have to wait until November - of THIS year. Good news.

If you 've beend reading the series, make sure you get this latest book. If you haven't been following this series, stop messing around, you're missing out on some great entertaining books!

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  1. I so ordered the first book in this series! Everyone loves it, which means I will too :) Have to admit I just skimmed the review to miss spoilers LOL