Monday, May 10, 2010

Combo Posting - a linkless post (for now)

Well, I was a total slacker and forgot to do a Monday reading post. I forgot to send my own mother a happy mother's day message. I fail as a daughter.......I try, I try, but I'm horrible at holiday and birthday stuff. I put so much energy into going through each day, that I lose sight of the big picture at times. Oh Well, at the age of 49, I don't think I'm going to improve much in that regard.

Edited May 20, 2010 to add in the missing link. errr, links. :)
I can, however list books that I'm still messing around with! :) and a little teaser from my current read.
This is a Devon Monk Book. One of my favorite Authors. I know, I have a lot of Favorite Authors, but Damn! some of these women can write!

Teaser - Page 105
' Stone stuck his head out the window again. Cooed, vacuum cleaner-style. His ears were straight up, and his wings quivered. This was a little game we played. I liked it much better than the chew-on-the-chair-legs game. '

Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk. #4 in the series.

I finished reading and/or reviewed in the last week

adventurous romance by Crea Jones
The Sweet Scent of Blood, by Suzanne McLeod (another of my Favorite Authors!). Just released in the U.S. this past week, and for me a re-read, and totally worth re-reading!
Herbert's Wormhole, by Peter Nelson - One of the funniest children's books that I've had the pleasure of reading lately! A very fun book to read out loud to a class!

Some books that a very sweet woman mailed to me - that I'm looking forward to reading.

  1. Jasmyn by Alex Bell
  2. Slave to Sensations by Nalini Singh
  3. Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff

I happen to have The Long Hot Summoning (#3,) and The Second Summoning (#2) of Ms Huff's books, so this is wonderful that I now have the first book. :) - Thanks S.M.!

On Mother's Day-

I hope that everyone had a good day yesterday. Even though it rained over here intermittently, I was inside while it was raining. The boys (two of my boys) took me out to breakfast once I was awake. My granddaughter made me a mother's day card with the help of her "papa" (my husband). He had her make a card for her mommy, and then drove her home to spend the day with her parents. We had her for the weekend. (more on that a bit further down). I laid in my room after lunch, my puppy cuddling by my knees. The room was just cool enough to want a throw blanket on, the sliding door to the back yard was open and I could hear the rain pouring down. So relaxing that I fell asleep. When I woke up, my oldest son came in the room with an Orchid - a pinkish/lavender one. I have the same typed tattooed on my leg, they resemble doves in flight when in bloom. He also had a dozen red roses, AND gave me some cash to buy books (this boy knows his mom). Then as if that weren't enough, he took me out to dinner to a little place that serves Mexican/Texican cuisine. It's called La Texicana. Great food. Then I got home and sat on the couch to read .....and woke up just in time to watch Desperate Housewives.

On the granddaughter. We've been getting her every weekend. I had kind of decided not to take her this weekend because every Satureday she get's a little stressed and misses her mom. I've been very tired, also. But when my husband took something over to their house to drop off, the minute she saw her papa, she got excited and ran into her room to start packing. Imagine - a little three year old, so excited and trying to pack her own clothes, saying, I'm getting ready papa! When he told her he wasn't there to pick her up, it broke her heart. So later he called me and I just said, just go get her! it's now a ritual I see. We just have to have her every weekend. Last weekend I decided to re-start the potty training, since she was three in February. She's stubborn and had given her mommy a hard time with it. We got some M&M's and I told her
one for trying to pee.
two for peeing in the toilet
three for #2 in the toilet.

She did pretty well last weekend, spent the week with her mom working on it and this past weekend had only two accidents. Today she put herself on the toilet when she felt the urge, according to her mom. I'm so proud of her. I'm also glad that I decided to kickstart the potty training again. It must have been the right set of circumstances.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and it is fantastic that you are helping with your granddaughter!

    Great Mailbox and Teaser :)

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  3. Great mailbox. You have an award at my blog.