Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday....

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I have just finished reading Red Headed Step Child and had started both Spider's Bite (Jennifer Estep) and Mage in Black (by Jaye Wells). But then I went to work today and spied on my co-workers desk a book that I've been looking for an couldn't find, The Help. Well, if I had found it, I don't think I could have afforded it anyway since it's in hardcover.
My co-worker had just finished reading it, and had borrowed it from another co-worker. She offered to loan it to me. I snapped it up, just yanked it right out of her hands and ran out the door! Not really. I did take her up on the offer though, and sedately walked out the door, since my running days are behind me now.
I came home tonight and started reading it, and am enjoying it immensely (see the big words I know? learned them all from reading!)
I finished reading this week:
Red Headed Stepchild (review to come)
Daniel X:Watch the Skies (YA)
Mind Games (great, wonderful debut novel)
I won in a book contest Shadow Glass, which I plan to read very soon and also received for review a book called The Pack by L.M. Preston. The Pack is a Middle Grade book. I skimmed a page here and there, and it looks promising,so I'm looking forward to reading it.
Although I finished Anything But Typical for myself, I still have to finish reading it to our fifth grade class. I'm thinking of reading to them The Pack afterwards, but I need to make sure there won't be anything that would be too scarey for elementary level kids - you never know when a parent is going to complain about a book, even though this same parent will watch movies like Saw in the house when their kids are around.
We're coming up on the home stretch of Herbert's Wormhole for the Third and Fourth Graders at the school library also. That is one book that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. That one was fun to read, and there are some subtle messages in it also, about bigotry and acceptance. Great book.
I didn't put up any pics of books or other links because I'm tired and want to go back to The Help. Although later I'll put up links and picks, especially of The Pack.


  1. Ooh I am curious about Red headed Step Child! Hope you have a wonderful reading week :)

  2. Our book club is having dinner with Jaye Wells next week--so her book is on my TBR before then :)