Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Monday and some ramblin'

OMG - another Monday is rolling around. However, another Monday means a fun MEME to do, hosted by Sheila of Book Journey, (formally known as One Person's Journey....)

I've finished and reviewed Silver Borne (loved it) - Patricia Briggs

I've finished and haven't reviewed Rosemary and Rue. (liked it a lot, quite a bit) I've also found out recently that I've been totally mispelling Seanan McGuire's last name, adding an extra "A" just because. Mc not Mac. I'm usually more careful than that. Sorry Ms McGuire.

(click on covers, go ahead, you want to!)
......and didn't read anything for two days. I could not make up my mind what to start yet. I also had my granddaughter over and she takes more and more of my mental energy leaving me exhausted when she leaves. I love her - so much it hurts, but I'm very tired when she goes home. Anway, I got her Friday night, was going to take her home Saturday, but she didn't want to go, and we ended keeping her for another night. Then I ended up taking her home and staying for my daughter's candle party (expensive candles for sale in a tupperware selling environment). I ended up buying some tealights and a small candle thinking I would be spending around $20.00 HAH! forgot about sales tax, sh&handling and then rounded it UP for Breast Cancer foundation.....$26.00 later....

<--If I were a puppy...

I'm a little irritated at myself because I had $30.00 in the bank and I have been STOPPING myself from going to the bookstore, trying to be responsible because I know I'm going to run out of my inhalers. I even told my granddaughter that we had to wait to go to the bookstore....On Saturday she was sitting by me and suddently turned to me and said "Grandma, I want to go to the bookstore". I wanted to also, but NO. Oh well, I'm not as responsible as I should have been, no sense kicking myself now. Good thing I have a couple boys that will help their irresponsible mom out. Good thing I hardly ever ask for their help! CanNOT wait until payday though, there's a trip to the bookstore planned, OH YEAH!

Back to books -

<--same book--> <--Title Adjustment. Beware, sometimes publishers trick us - even though they really don't mean to. (right)

I've been reading (slowly, this is my purse/car book) Xombies Apocolypse Blues, which seems to be a re-working of a previous book by the same man (Walter Greatshell), calles Xombies. I'm glad I'm not one of his previous fans, who already had Xombies and bought the Apocolyse Blues thinking it would be a sequel, because it is the very same book. Same characters, same plot, same same same. It's taking me a very long time to read this, (especially since it's a purse/car book) and while I'm reading it, I get the feeling I'm missing a lot - like there should be another book before it. I don't think there is. Except possibly the first editions with a slightly different name, and a different book cover.

Books that I'm having a hard time choosing to focus on as my main read (I've actually started reading three of them) include; (yeay, list time!)

My Soul To Take (Rachel Vincent) won it; happy, happy!
Guardian of the Dead (Karen Healey) won it, so happy! see?---> :) me, being happy
Only the Lonely (Susan Gabriel) received for review (OMG, somebody trusts me! :0 scared
Wild Hunt (Margaret Ronald) bought with HARD EARNED money.

Rachel Vincent is also the author of the Shapeshifters series (love them too) and always a good writer. Never bored when I'm reading her books, and My Soul To Take has started out just as interesting. I've never read Karen Healey yet, (debut book) but I'm looking forward to it. I read the first chapter of Only the Lonely by Susan Gabriel. I'm a teeny bit embarrassed that I'm reading a romance, not just a romance, but a "Sensuous Journeys" romance, meaning, I'm sure, that it's going to have a bit of erotica in it? Not my normal reading material, but on impulse I offered to review and received the book. I'll be reading it soon. Last, but NOT least is Margaret Ronald. I read her previous book, Spiral Hunt and loved it. Ms Ronald does a fine job of "world-building" (a term I've picked up reading other comments and reviews on many books) and love the mix of mythology and contemporary life that Ms Ronald gives to old Celtic legends.

Current "bath-tub" read (heeheehee) is Blind Spot by Meljean Brooks, part of the anthology Must Love Hellhounds. ***it is important to relax at certain times!, don't judge***

Anything by Meljean Brooks is good, absolutely anything. I have most of her novels and short stories. They're all good. However, I have to admit that my all-time favorite of hers is the first book, Demon Angel, which she has stated that she wished she had done a better job on. I loved how long the book was, and the way she brought us along the two characters life journeys - it's a lot to read, but I enjoyed all of it. There's nothing wrong with books that are over 400 pages. It's a nice change once in a while. Blind Spot, the novella in the anthology is just as interesting as her other novels. Ms Brooks is also delving into steampunk. "Steampunk Romance" as a matter of fact. There is also a free online read at her website. I want to read it, but it's hard for me to sit and read for too long at a time.
Right now I'm reading a friend's novel and it's taking me way too long because I read like, 6 pages a day. I'm not complaining because she sends me her work to cheer me up - I love her for this, and it's work that's not published, so I can't say much about it, other that I hope she gets published soon, I think she's as good, if not better, than a lot of writers out there now. When you think about it, how sweet and trusting is this? When I was going through a particularly rough time, she sent me funny e-mails and one of her stories. She writes YA by the way, urban fantasy and fantasy-kind of dark fantasy. When I found out my last rotten diagnosis, she sent me another novel and more funny e-mails. We've never met in person, but met online through Live Journal. If anyone deserves some publishing success, she does. Not just because she's nice to me, but she writes well, and -bonus - NO LAME Dialogue :)

While trying to decide which books to focus on, I realized that my bookshelves have gotten completely out of control. But I don't feel like doing anything about it. I just don't have the energy or ambition. I'd rather read, or try to read while the grandchildren run me ragged. :) What I really need is another bookshelf, or two. Shoot, I can barely make myself even check my e-mail and it almost took an act of God to make me post tonight. insert big-feeling-sorry-for-myself sigh here, a HUGE SIGH!

Maybe next weekend, maybe not! :) <-- me thinking about really reading, not cleaning, oh no, never that!


  1. Have fun and keep us updated on the progress of all the books.

    jackie b central texas

  2. LOve the rambling :) You have some good looking books there! Guardian of The Dead really catches my eye :)

  3. So far, I've been sticking with My Soul To Take, although my mind keeps wandering over to the Guardian of the Dead. Creepy title, yes?