Friday, April 2, 2010

feelgood friday

Feel Good Friday is hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows up, and is one of the best memes around. "The Girl" is also one of the funniest people I've read over the internet lately. I get a laugh everytime I visit her blog.

This has to be quick, because it's late and I just realized I haven't done this yet, so links later...

Last Sunday, my boys (I have two boys living with me and my spouse as well as one girlfriend of a boy-who I call my daughter in law) threw a birthday party for one of their friends that they've know forever. Our families go way back, actually, through my mom, even though the older ones don't really keep in touch much anymore.

At this party were invited friends and the father of the birthday boy. He plays drums. My youngest son plays drums. Actually my other son-at-home has been messing around on the drums also. My grandson (almost two) likes to mess around on the drums. We all like drums, it seems.

So, since it was a part, the dad brought some drum items and gave my son some advice, showed him how to tighten the sound on his drum kit, gave him a new top for the snare drum and some sticks....and here's the best thing ever - gave my two year old grandson his own pair of drumsticks. Real drumsticks.

The whole thing was pretty cool, people came over to jam and party - but to give the baby drumsticks? wow. My son said it was because the dad could remember playing drums himself when he was four years old. He was impressed that our tiny drummer was so interested in the drums and that we let him mess around with it. Hell, we have two little single drums (bongo?.congo?) around in the house that both grandchildren play around with, especially when music is playing. So he (the dad of the birthday boy) said that as soon as we can we should try to get him a small set of his own, and GAVE our grandchild his own sticks. That is just so cool of him - this was the first time he's ever seen the baby. (he lives in a different ciy).

That's my feel good friday - links later when i'm more awake


  1. That is so cool and having a 2 year old myself, I know how great it made him feel!!!

    We have Rock Band for Wii and we let Sarah "play" the drums and she goes nuts!!!

    HAve a super weekend!!

  2. kids just love music. I'm glad my kis are letting their kids experience music. My kids love rock band also, and they're all 21 and over!