Friday, April 23, 2010

Feel Good Friday....mine is finally here

Hosted by The Girl Next Door grows up, this is one of the best weekly memes ever.

The post is going to be so sweet, that you will need to drink some bitter coffee to counteract the sugar.


It will be about grandchildren.....

and inhalers......

: )
Well, it's now Monday, early, early Monday and I just now am able to sit and think about posting. So here, rather late, is my feel good friday post.

Ever since February, I've had to use inhalers. I also have two little grandchildren running around, paying way more attention that we think, even though logically, we do know that kids see more than anyone realizes, just what they notice and how they process that information sometimes surprises me.

True anecdote #1. One day, my granddaughter was here for an over-nighter. We were sitting on the couch messing around, sort of watching t.v. and doing puzzles. The girl can multi-task like a pro. BTW, in case any of you haven't heard yet, she is three years old, a very precocious, old-soul three years old. She's been talking since she was a year old, (in sentences), holding conversations. So we're working on this puzzle and suddenly she looks at the three inhalers that I have on the coffee table and says, "Mardel (really she calls me by my other name) you have three inhalers!" I said "yes". Then Ms Thing says to me "I'm going to give one to my mommy." I told her that no, I needed them and mommy didn't. She suddenly got this extremely worried look on her face, her eyes started to tear up, her little lip began to quiver and she said, just a little bit louder now, "But my mommy does need them, she's Sick!" I tried to explain to her that he mom wasn't that sick, but she became even more upset and, getting a little louder, and more teary, "Mardel, my mommy is SICK, and coughing, and she needs one, you have Three! You should share!" God love her. I had to explain that her mommy had a different sick than I did. And that her mommy would get well very soon, without my inhaler. But I did promise her that if her mommy did need my inhaler that I would share one with her. She finally relaxed. Now every time she sees me, she asks me if I'm still sick. I just tell her I'm better.

Earlier today (had her for the weekend) I had a hard time speaking because of....well, throat and coughing issues, Phlegm (ugh). She looked at me very serious and said in a very firm but calm voice, "Mardel - cough big, get it all up, and cough it out. Then you'll be able to talk!"

See what I mean? She's been taking a lot in.

True anecdote #2. My grandson was here earlier in the week. It was one of those moments when he was allowing me some of his attention, actually interacting with me more than saying "G'amm NO!" (unlike my granddaughter, he calls me "Grandma") He is almost two years old, will turn two May 8th. Apparently he also has been paying attention to his surroundings, more attention to me than I would have thought. If he sees one of my inhalers sitting around, he brings it to me. That's not the astounding thing. We were playing and laughing and in general just messing around, being silly. I started laughing so hard that a coughing fit started and I couldn't catch my breath, but I was still laughing, you know how it is! All of a sudden I heard him say " 'ere G'amma, 'ere" (here, grandma, here). I looked down and he had two of my inhalers, handing them to me to use. Just think - He has put together the inhalers, and my coughing and came up with, hand grandma the inhalers when she's coughing.

Isn't that just so sweet of the kids? I find it kind of bitter-sweet. They know something is wrong, they see some illness here, but they are dealing with it, Helping their grandma. (and mom) Two and Three years old.

Anecdote #3. Today they were both here for a while. There was a moment when I had them both on my bed, watching Ice Age. Well, my back had been really hurting and if I can get someone to dig an elbow in my back or walk on some muscles, it really seems to help for a little while. Unfortunately, The granddaughter doesn't weigh enough to make a difference while she tries to walk on my back, and my grandson, who does have a little more bulk, doesn't have the coordination yet. I did trick them into jumping across my back. Each time they jumped across, it was necessary for them to push off with a foot right on a few sore areas. The muscles get hard as a rock, and very pained. When pressure is put on these hardened muscles it relieves the pain, and softens them up for just a little while. I was almost in heaven. By the time they were through jumping on grandma, my lower back was feeling a bit better, for a little bit. Ahhhh, I'm such a sneaky grandma! I console my conscience with the knowledge that those two little hellions were laughing the entire time. 's all good.


  1. 友情像一棵樹木,要慢慢的栽培,才能成長真的友誼,要經過困難考驗,才可友誼永固 ..................................................

  2. The above comment is the third (or fourth) comment that I've received written in Chinese. I used Google Translater to read it, since I don't know Chinese, or in fact any Asian Language. In fact, I know just a little English, and a teeny amount of Spanish. That's about it for my linguistic feats.

    "Friendship like a tree to slowly cultivated to grow true friendship, to go through a difficult test, before Everlasting Friendship ...................... ............................"

  3. Is that what they wrote - that quote? How beautiful.

    I am sorry I am so late! I didn't see your link until today when I am getting ready for tomorrow!

    I love your stories - you have the sweetest grandkids! I am glad they helped your back!!