Wednesday, March 31, 2010

waiting on wednesday (giving up caps)

*this post will be as cap-free as possible - cause i'm weird/lazy*

hosted by jill at breakingthespine - the goal is to post books that we can't wait to read.

a couple of the books that i'm puting up aren't coming out for a long, long, long time. or at least not until summer. :( hey, at least they're coming out! :)


I read kelly meding's debut novel, three days to dead, last month. boy, i really liked it. and because i liked her debut novel so much, i'm ready to buy the second in her series called as lie the dead. and just look at that cover - wow. kick-ass cover. this one should be coming out in summer - july 27th 2010 according to amazon. and since kelly meding's first book came out on the same day as kelly gay's first book.................. i wonder if.....

well not on the same day, but it will be out in the same season! summer. august 31, 2010 according to amazon. the darkest edge of dawn is a sequel to the better part of darkness; which was the debut novel of kelly gay. this was another debut novel that i enjoyed very much - in fact i liked it so much that i can't wait until this one comes out also. lots of good books coming up. books like.................................

double cross - coming out in september 28th, 2010 the sequel to a book i just finished reading, mind games. these books are written by carolyn crane. mindgames is another great debut novel. i just wish i didn't have to wait until september, but it gives me something to look forward to. all the good books can't come out at once, what would we do the rest of the year?

there is one sequel to a first in a series (i was focusing on sequels to debuts, but this book, Hell Fire, is written by a woman who has a few books out. it is however, the second in a series) hellfire by ann aguirre - coming out in a week! april 6th. the previous book is called on blue diablo, and any book written by ann aguirre is going to be a good book. she also writes those samantha jax books - grimspace, wanderlust and doubleblind.

That's enough for now. Next week - maybe authors I've never heard of before. Maybe

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