Friday, March 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday - I love this meme!

hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up; I love this meme, no matter how bad a day I'm having (and there have been some doozies lately) I think about this meme and find something positive.
Teeny bit of history, for the story tonight. I have one son that has a son himself. He and the mom of son couldn't continue their relationship, but thankfully they have kept the break-up drama to a minimum and because my son lives with us, I get to see his son whenever he gets him. Now he gets to have his son for two separate overnights a week. His mommy misses him a lot, but I think she realizes that she gets some important down time from being a mom - even when she gets a little bored with nothing to do, and she's great at having my son take part in the raising of the kid. My grandson will be two in May of this year. He was born with a cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate. When he was a few months old he had his first surgery, to close the lip. When he was 10 months old they did surgery to close the palate. Up until then, even though the doctors had said it was okay to feed him baby food, most of us stuck with the formula, because the food went up and into the nasal passages and out through his nose. Some of it would end up in his stomach, but not much. He was able to use a bottle like a champion though, so he continued to thrive on the formula and juice. Ever since he healed from his second surgery, the kid loves to eat. He loves to taste all foods, and usually likes almost anything you give him. It's not until recently that he's begun to turn down a few things. This cleft palate business has also left him, hopefully temporarily, with speech problems. Hardly anything comes out very clear.
I also have this little puppy - he's really a year old now. He is part smooth fox terrier and half chihuahua. Apparently the mom is smooth fox terrier and there's a little chihuahua that gets into her yard and gives her babies. My dog stands about a foot tall, and a little over a foot long. He looks like a miniature german shepard. He also likes to eat. Everything in sight.
Imagine, a little toddler boy, who eats continuously, walking around with a snack, sitting down to lunch or dinner, or lounging on the couch with fruit or popcorn. Guess where the dog is. Right near the boy. They spend most of their awake time within six inches of each other. We noticed pretty early on, that when the boy was eating from the highchair, he would purposely lean sideways and throw food down to the dog. Loves to feed Skippyjon. So of course Skippyjon follows his boy everywhere. Loves the boy - a lot.
Tonight was my son's night to have his son. But he had to work tonight and hours are hard to come by, so when the opportunity came up, he took it. I -being grandma- am second in command for the boy. The boy right now, is in a phase where he does not want me to do anything for him (especially when daddy is around). He doesn't want me to change his diapers, clean his nose or face, etc. When his grandpa is around, I usually end up having him do things for the boy, but tonight it was just me and him for a while...and Skippyjon.
Well, my grandson reluctantly allowed me to change him, and I was able to wipe his face - but boy was he pissed when I told him it was time to go to bed. He was crying for his dad. And saying the one phrase that he says extremely clearly - "G'AMMA NO!" So I put on Shrek 2 for him ('''ek is his version of the word) and lie down with him on his dad's bed. Skippyjon, who has to be near my grandson as much as he can, jumps up and lays down with us, between us and puts his head on the boy's thigh, looking adoringly up into his face. I'm trying not to throw-up from the uber-sweetness of this moment. The dog is sooooo-in love with my grandson. My grandson is MAD! that I'm the one putting him to bed. He turns to me, starts to cry G'AMMA NO!, DADDY! again, when he spots Skippyjon. He stops midyell and says (very sweetly) 'kippy! and touches the top of Skippyjon's head. Then he turns to the t.v., watches Shrek and continues to idly, absentmindedly, fondle the dogs ears, scratch behind his ears and pet his head. It sounds so common and everyday - but this is a boy. A toddler boy (they usually pound on animals) A toddler boy who was very pissed off seconds ago, and is now petting the dog like he (the boy) is older, not even yet two years old. After that - suddenly he was calmer and happier. He even gave me a good night kiss. Now he's sound asleep and Skippyjon is still by him on the bed.
That's my feel good moment for the week.


  1. Not only is that positively sweet, you made me cry!! I am right there with the 3 of you watching that fretful little face all scrunched up and frustrated suddenly smooth out in love and joy at the sight of his furry friend.
    Animals are the great equalizer and they say music soothes the savage beast, so does the love of a dog!!

    Thanks Mardel, glad that you had the chance to live in this moment in time and cherish it for exactly that. A moment that will come once and be a fond memory for you to carry and give you patience the next time you here G'amm No!!!!

    jackie b central texas

  2. Lovely post. Dogs are so unconditionally loving. It's irresistible.

    I have old memories of taking care of hare lip and cleft palate children. I used to work in pediatrics.

    I lol at your comment about feeding Emma on the good china. All right.

  3. Oh that was sweet! Pets and kids are the best! When Sarah was eating from her high chair, I never had to wipe her face, Emma did it for me.

    Somedays I even let Emma take naps with Sarah and they snuggle together. Emma is Sarah's "Bestest Buddy Evah (ever)"

    I have a question: Sarah wears glasses and also had a hip problem at birth. Because of that she LOATHES going to the doctor. How does your grandson handle the doc?

  4. I have to ask my son. I haven't heard of him being stressed out, but I'll ask to make sure. I do know that for the first year and a half he couldn't stand to have his face touched, and I think it had something to do with the operations and pain. But my son never really noticed. I noticed because one of the things I tend to do is stroke babies' cheeks, foreheads and chins when I'm holding them, relaxing. Most babies relax when you do this, but he would pull his head away. Now he's better about it, likes it when I rub his cheeks and forehead - as long as he doesn't think I'm doing it to make him fall asleep!