Monday, March 8, 2010

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I was going to do this whole "what are you reading Monday Meme", and then the Tuesday Teaser Meme, but I'm tired and my right shoulder is burning and tingling at the same tinme. Sometimes my physical state prevents me from posting very much. I'll visit all the blogs I follow, mainly lurk, and then I'm too tired to post anything.

I am currently reading the Dust of 100 Dogs. It's a Young Adult Novel by A.S. King. I'm enjoying it. The main character is a young teen (Saffron) who has been born into hippyish Irish descent parents, who have substance issues. Saffron has also been reincarnated over 100 times, with the twist being that she remembers each incarnation. I'm three quarters finished with this book as of tonight. I had wanted to be finished with it this weekend, but since it was very, very cold, I was having an arthritic flare up and having a hard time concentrating on holding a book, concentrating on a book, and mainly spent my time watching t.v. and cat-napping.

I'm still recovering from the virus-from-hell that I caught in JANUARY. Yes, January. from January to March is a long time to be sick. I have a follow-up doctor appointment tomorrow morning, and will bring up my concerns, like how come I'm STILL having a hard time breathing? It's better, but not better enough.

Back to book related things, there are a lot of books coming out that I want. There are also a lot of books right here in my bedroom and livingroom waiting for me to read. A lot. I don't know what I'm going to read next. Maybe Marjorie M Liu for the POC reading challenge. I had wanted to go on a major online book shopping spree for books for the POC challenge, but the finances weren't quite what I needed, so that's going to have to wait. Meanwhile I'll use what I can find around here, and in the library that I work in. Interestingly, we just received a small shipment from the Jr Library Guild with most of the books being of a multicultural nature. We get about 8 books a month from them throughout the year for a yearly fee. I think it's expensive, but we do get some excellant books. Tomorrow at school, I'll write a list of the books we just received, look for covers on line and post them. They are mostly YA, so they should at least hold my interest for reading. As an employee, I can check them out and read them myself. Nice to work in a library.!!!

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