Tuesday, February 2, 2010

things and stuff....

The arthritis in my neck is affecting me very much right now, so I'm very uncomfortable sitting up and typing. But....

Teaser Tuesday (sorry no links-see above explanation)

"I needed the energy, especially if we ran into another hound or a goblin patrol. No sounds came from the bathroom, not even angry stomping or pounding. He must be superpissed if he couldn't even vent his rage."

From Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding
available now in mmp (mass market paperback)

Books I'm looking forward to reading (links and pics later-maybe)

Wench by Dolen Perkin-Valdez (available now - I think)
Shadow Blade by Serissia Glass (available now)
Some Place to be Flying
The Help

These are books that I don't have (yet)d but will be working on getting.

off now to feel sorry for myself and put heat on this arm/neck

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  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope your neck feels better soon.