Monday, January 4, 2010

Now if I could stop signing up for challenges and actually READ!

This is a fun challenge hosted by Book City Chick.

If I can stop surfing the web and signing up for book reading challenges to actually read a book, I'm going to take part in this challenge.

The goal is to read British Authors. There are a few levels
  • "Put the Kettle On" - 2 British authors

"Gordon Bennett" - 4 British authors

"Bob's Your Uncle" - 6 British authors

"Cream Crackered" - 8 British authors

I have on my TBR, and wishlist books from three British authors. Those are Suzanned McLeod whose "The Bitter Seed of Magic" comes out in September 2010; Terry Pratchett whose "Unseen Academicals" is out now, and sitting in my room; and Mike Carey whose book Vicious Circle will be used in my 2010 Countdown Challenge. I also have Dead Man's Boots by the same author. I would need just one more to enter the "Gordon Bennett" level. It just occured to me that I could probably use Douglas Adams...I have "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency". I haven't read this book yet, but plan to this year.

What I like about Book Chick City and J.Kaye's Book Blog challenges is that they provide a place to link your reviews and a page to post your list of books read for the challenges they host. It's nicely organized.

That makes 8 challenges. If it weren't for the fact that many of these books crossover, I don't think I would even be able to attempt them, but I do think it's going to be fun trying.

Click here for a list of challenges hosted by BookCityChick.
Click here for a list of challenges being hosted and participated in by J.Kaye's Book Blog

both bloggers have buttons for each challenge available - some pretty cool buttons.

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  1. Hi Mardel, thanks for joining Typically British. I hope you have fun with all your challenges. :)