Sunday, January 3, 2010

I must be Loony-Tunes

I can't believe I'm even thinking about it, but there's one more challenge (no. 7 for me) that I'm thinking of doing. The positive thing is that the only thing not allowed is re-reads. I'm assuming that if I pick a book for this challenge, (from my shelf of course) that the same book can be used for other challenges. There was nothing in the guidelines about crossovers, only re-reads.
The point of this challenge it to pick a number of books from your shelves, (books that you already have) and commit to reading those books. I can do this. I have over 100 books in my TBR pile. Of course I'm only interested in about 50 of them now (these are general estimates) A lot of the books I already have are books that I was planning on using for the 2010 Countdown Challenge, the Stephanie Plum challenge, the Speculative fiction challente, etc. The only one I wouldn't be able to use these books on are my flash-back challenge, of which I signed up for six books. This is totally doable and I think I just talked (wrote) myself into doing it.
.....Oh yes, I just signed up with the Mr. Linky on Miz B's Reading Challenges website. I'm going to think on the list for a week or so. I think I'm going to try for 20 books - Not sure yet of the number of books I'm going for. My ultimate goal is 55 books, but at least 10 of them will be newer books (the ten 2010 published books). A fair goal will be around 20.
This is the first time I've been on Mis B's Reading challenges page, and it's making me want to sign up for more, More, MORE! I think I like Miz B.

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