Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fearless Fourteen

Fearless Fourteen

Janet Evanovich is always good for a quick lite, humorus read. I especially enjoy her Stephanie Plum series. The heroine is an inept bounty hunter who is always getting into scrapes with her friend Lula.

A little word about Lula. I really don't know what to think about Lula. She comes across as a stereotypical African-American woman. Except that I've met quite a few woman with her type of personality. Lula is a bit on the large size, but makes no apologies for being overweight, in fact she dresses to impress and show off her curves. (refreshing) She once in a while starts to go on a diet but her and Stephanie have this thing about eating....they love to eat. A lot. So the diets never last.

There are a lot of supporting characters that reappear in all of the Stephanie Plum books. Each book does seem a little formulaic, but they are all entertaining and good for laughing while reading. Some of my favorite characters:

Mooner (kind of a stoner)
Ranger (super-hot latino bounty hunter, very capable)
Bob (crazy dog, huge, who will eat anything he can)
Connie (secretary at the bond office Stephanie works at)
Grandma Mazur (her grandma, who is bat-shit crazy and up for anything)
Mom (secretly drinks when stressed out)

Stephanie's character is half Italian, half Hungarian and lives in the Burb of Trenton, New Jersey. The burb is it's own character.

In this installment, people are on a treasure hunt, looking for 9 million dollars that's been hidden for a few years. The problem is everyone thinks this money is in Stephanie's boyfriend's house (Morelli). Stephanie ends up babysitting a has-been singer, a son of a woman who has disappeared (nephew of a bank robber) and a few other strays.

All in all this book is entertaining. Stephanie and Lula get into some funny situations, (monkeys are involved in a few) and Lula throughout this book is planning a wedding to a man who just seems confused as to why he's suddently getting married. There are some funny lines in the book and some hilarious situations.

Good for a light read when you need some laughs. You can always count on Janet Evanovich for some laughs while reading.
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