Thursday, December 10, 2009

A new book challenge from The Book Chic

Here is a new totally do-able book challenge from The BookChickCity. At least it's new to me. I've just recently become aware of book challenges. The first book challenge I attempted was Rebecca's Colorful Reading Challenge (which I failed at, but I'm trying again for 2010).

There are four different levels you can choose from to participate and this host is good with crossover challenges. I am doing the 2010 Countdown Challenge (a total of 55 books), as well as the 2010 Colorful Reading Challenge (nine books) and The 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge (12 books from the level I chose). They are all crossover challenges so theoretically I could pick a young adult fantasy or sci-fi book published any time from 2001 t0 2010 with a color in the title and I could satisfy all four challenges with one book, such as Green Angel by Alice Hoffman. It's a young adult novel published in 2003, color (GREEN) in the title, and a fantasy novel. All four challenges.

There is one other challenge that I'm thinking of joining called the Flashback Challenge. It's hosted by Aarti of the Booklust. If I understand it right (it almost sounds too simple- so of course I think there has to be more to it) there are three levels with the most challenging to be re-read more than 6 boos. Mini-challenges are to re-read a favorit book from childhood, or one assigned to you in high school (can't even remember any books from high-school. I didn't go that much.) or to re-read a book you loved as an adult. I think this challenge could also be a crossover with the other challenges.

Crazy - should I do all five challenges? one book could conceivably work for five challenges. So it is possible to do. I think I'm going to try. If I don't make it , at least I'll have tried and probably read some books I wouldn't have normally read. I already have three YA books waiting for me to read.

  1. My Soul To Take

  2. Awakening

  3. The Dust of 100 Dogs

That's a start. Besides I am on book no. five for the 2010 countdown challenge and just received in the mail Vulnerable by Amy Lane (from 2005), which counts for 2010 countdown and speculative fiction.


  1. The Flashback Challenge IS that easy- we purposely made it as simple and easy to meet as possible, as so many people feel guilty about rereading. So take part and have fun!

  2. I like the sound of the Flashback challenge! :D