Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another (this one's easy - for me anyway) reading challenge

I'm not sure if it's my meds kicking in, or if I'm in my right mind - but I decided to take part in yet ANOTHER reading challenge. This one is an interesting and easy-for-me reading challenge. It started in July of 2009, but I just noticed. It is the Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge, hosted by J.Kaye's Book Blog.

The easy for me part is that it only concerns the Stephanie Plum books that you haven't read yet. For me, at the moment it stands at three books, well, maybe four. I have to check the book list..... I checked - The last book I read was Plum Lucky (2008). Here's my list of unread Stephanie Plum books:

  1. Fearless Fourteen
  2. Plum Spooky
  3. Fingerlickin' Fifteen
  4. Sizzling Sixteen (coming in June 22, 2010

I have a few months to read these three, along with next Diesel book which will be coming out in August 2010. So...If I can afford the upcoming books (the Diesel book and Sizzling Sixteen) I'll should be able to complete this challenge.

Along with the signup page, J.Kaye has included a place to link your reviews here, if you choose to link your reviews. As you finish the challenge, she has included a link to a Completed List page where you can link to your completed list. I love this set-up!

Since Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series is one of my favorite (if only) mystery series to read, I am happy to take part in this challenge.

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  1. So glad you are joining this reading challenge. I just love this series!