Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magic In the Shadows

Magic In the Shadows
by Devon Monk

I finally did it. It took me a very long time, due to things like work and life, but I finally finished reading Magic in the Shadows. Ever since I read Devon Monk's debut book (Magic to the Bone) I've felt obsessed (in a non-creepy way, okay?) with her books. When I finished reading the second book, (Magic in the Blood) I wanted to read it again.

In this installment Allie Beckstrom deals with having her brain inhabited by her father. She also acquires a sidekick (one of my favorite characters in the book). She is tested by the Authorities, has other-worldly beasties after her, and is trying to keep the Hounds safe, together and organized- something she had promised Pike she would do. New human (as opposed to her new sidekick) characters are introduced. All of the characters in Devon Monks books are interesting-like real flawed people (except they use magic).

The conversations between Zayvion Jones and Allie are fun to read. I enjoyed Allie's adventures, even when she does something incredibly stubborn and stupid. There's a moment during a dangerous situation that Allie does something she's been warned - very strongly- not to do. The moment she does it, she's thinking she should have listened. There are moments with the Daddy presence in her head when they are both being incredibly stubborn - foolishly so- fighting over control of her body.

I enjoyed very much revisiting the world that Devon Monk has created with this series and I am already looking forward to the next book, Magic on the Storm. In the back of my head, I'm also already planning when I might re-read all three books (maybe this coming summer).


  1. I liked the first book but have yet to read either of the sequels. Too many books and too little time. Good to know it is worth waiting for.

  2. Oh, it is worth it. I think they just keep getting better. The added characters are in turn quirky and snarky.