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Review - Skintrade

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This is book number 30 out of my 30 Book Goal (of books to read in 2009)

I just finished Skinwalker really, really early this morning-4:30 a.m. early. I don't think that Faith Hunter (at this point) is capable of writing a bad book. I have read all her Rogue Mage series, and now this book and all four books are excellent reads. Faith has in the past written other books under a different name; suspense under the name Gwen Hunter, and even a few under the name Gary Hunter. (this isn't a secret, by the way; she's written about it in her blogs) We benefit because she already had so much writing experience under her belt when she turned her interest to writing urban fantasy. I'm glad she's writing urban fantasy.

Skinwalker is about a woman(Jane Yellowrock) who hunts rogue vampires for a living. She takes job in NewOrleans to hunt a rogue vampire who has begun attacking other vampires and police officers, as well as humans. In this reality Vampires (aka Mithrans) have come out, but don't have all the rights that humans do.

The job that Jane takes turns out to be complicated and there are all sorts of twists and mysteries in this story. There are some great fight scenes and Jane is a pretty tough woman who loves to tease, even when it might be dangerous for her.

Jane is a skinwalker, one who knows of no others, so all she knows is what she has experienced as far as shifting. She uses her shifting to help her hunt rogue vampires. She shares her body with Beast, who also seems to be a main character, one of my favorites. One of the things I like is the way Beast has her own voice in this story. She also has quite a sense of humor and Faith Hunter shows her thoughts, separate from Janes, as I would imagine an animal would think.

There are a few characters that kept me guessing through out the story what their motives were, if they were helping Jane or hindering her, or were involved with the rogue vampire. Rick LaFleur, Leo the master of the city, "Troll", one of the human servants and "Bruiser", Leo's human servant.

I enjoyed this book very much. Thankfully, there is a sequel coming out, which at the moment I don't know anything about yet except that it might be called Blood Cross.

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