Friday, July 3, 2009

Suzanne McLeod books

Suzanne McLeod

Spellcrackers #1
The Sweet Scent of Blood

Spellcrackers #2
The Cold Kiss of Death

Well, I just couldn't take it anymore, call me weak-willed {I am, a little}. I waited and waited, but just lost my patience. Even though I probably should have put the money toward bills {let's face it, my bills are way higher than the money for two books}, I ordered BOTH of these books from the Book Depository. Free Postage. Anywhere in the world (almost). I was able to order the books with the UK cover. {I think. I hope} I like the UK cover of The Sweet Scent of Blood better than the one shown for the U.S..

In ten days - {oh my gosh- yeah the american holiday probably won't affect the beginning of the books' journey from the UK, will it? No it won't}. In ten days, give or take a day, I should be getting these books. All the way from the UK. Kind of boggles my mind. So, these books are either going to take a plane trip or a cruise over the sea to get to the states. I think. Unless this store subcontracts to a place in the U.S. I hope not, I want the UK covers, because they are prettier, so much prettier.

<---I just think this version is a little plainer than the UK version. I know you can't judge a book by its cover, but a nice cover helps. In fact, the cover is usually the first thing I notice about a book. If I like the cover - or it stands out - I pick up the book to check it out, look it over. The few times I've looked over a book were I hated the cover, were either from authors that are on my auto buy list (such as the newer covers for the Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series-not really crazy about that cover, or the cover of the second Devon Monk book , the model appears anorexic. Big turn off for me, but I will always buy her books - both "hers" in fact) or that I previously read about on a blog.
But to get back to the Suzanne McLeod books, I am looking forward to receiving them in the mail. I've been intrigued since I stumbled on a blurb about them - I think I stumbled onto her blog one day, then saw her books, {feels like it's been a while - cause I've been waiting}.

So, goes my splurge for the next two months, til school - and thus employment - starts again.

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  1. Many thanks, Mardel! I do hope you enjoy reading both of them :-)
    Suzanne xx