Monday, June 22, 2009

This is what I have ended up reading.

I started about three other books, but went on to The Demon's Librarian. I am now going to ignore my need to skip back and forth between books and finish this one. It' s a mini-goal. I bought my copy at a store named Cover to Cover. click on the book for the link. I was able to buy a signed copy from their store, with minimal shipping and handling. cheaper than from amazon. (especially for a single book) Lilith Saintcrow goes into the store to volunteer, and will sign her books for people who want to order from there. That's pretty cool. The bookstore workers (owners?) that I spoke with during the ordering process were very nice. I had e-mailed them at first, they gave me info on ordering. When I e-mailed back that I would be calling on a certain day (pay day!), they were so nice about it, and when I called they REMEMBERED me. It was like dealing with a store in the 1960's - in a good way. So nice.

This is a book I would like to get. Unfortunately it is out of my price range at the moment. But it looks good. It's a cross between sci-fi and urban fantasy. According to M.H. Bonham the book is "Cyberpunk meets paranormal, or a day in the life of my twisted imagination".
Just a small detail here. I find it difficult to do certain things here (on Blogger). Maybe I'm just being dumb, but I can't seem to underline things, unless it's a link that is inserted. And in the above example, I just wanted to insert a quote, but I cannot paste something on this page that I have copied from somewhere else. Sometimes, when I try to insert a picture then type some text, it doesn't end up where I want. If I try to backspace the Text, then the picture might disappear also. I have to go through the whole uploading thing again, because there is no undo, or redo button. Just a mini-rant here, to get if off my chest.
okay, done for now!

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