Thursday, June 11, 2009

flowers and baking - Flower and Flour?

Today was a day for creativity. I have a two yr& three month old grand-daughter, who we share a house with (along with her parents of course!)
She really loves to help me garden. She also loves to help me cut flowers. Today, just for the hell of it, I had her help me cut some flowers from our garden, I filled a little vase with water, put the vase on the table and laid the flowers down next to the vase. I told Liliana to put the flowers in the vase, one at a time. This is the end result. Not bad for a two year old.

<----Later in the evening, we wanted strawberry shortcake. Since my daughter loves to bake, she decided to bake the shortcakes. She usually has her daughter help her bake. They always have fun doing this. Here Liliana is helping to mix the dough (using curls of frozen butter - for a flakier cake)

Here Liliana helps separate the eggwhite using the simple and "all natural" method. This really beats adding to the dishwashing pile! ---->

<---- Here, Liliana helps roll out the shortcake dough. It's always fun to use grown up tools, right kids?

Then, Liliana helps to cut out circles from the dough, using cookie cutters, another fun tool! Here she was trying to go as fast as she could, she was very intense as she was working. ---->

<-----One of her Shortcakes.

Finally, A very tasty looking
Strawberry Shortcake!
YumYumYummy, Good for the

Two year old babies (toddlers) are so much fun to have around the house. I think the only thing more fun than having a toddler around, is having a grandchild toddler around. :) I'm not that into baking {anymore} and I can't garden like I used to do; but my daughter is having a lot of fun cooking and baking with Liliana. I am enjoying having her with me when I do go into the garden. There are some times when all I have to do is give her a hand-shover and point to a patch of dirt and she is happy just digging away for a while. Other times I have her help me "dead-head" flowers, and if she picks the wrong one (a live flower), we just put it in a vase for display.

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