Thursday, April 23, 2009

SkippyJon vs. Blue Diablo

I have a pretty cool, mostly, little puppy named SkippyJon Jones (after a character in a children's book - courtesy of my granddaughter). Sometimes, though he is a teeny, tiny little terror.

I am currently reading (for the colorful reading book challenge) Blue Diable by Ann Aguirre. I am almost to the end, maybe 100 pages to go, (more or less). I had just finished a very tense metaphysical fight scene and set the book down to check on something. I vaguely hear some noises, but didn't pay any attention. I should have. When I went to pick up my book, SkippyJon had decided to eat it. He didn't chew the outside. No . He didn't eat the pages I had already read. No. He ate a hole through the next 5 pages, past where I left off. A rather good size hole, big enough that I can't try to read and guess at the words. I love my puppy, but I was seriously pissed off. My lesson in this it that I shouldn't leave books where he can reach them.

Since I was really getting into this book, I'm going to have to go out and buy another copy. One thing - it was one of the books that I used Border's Bucks on, but still.....

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