Friday, January 2, 2009

Reading Goal for 2009, Resolutions (should I, or no?)

BADD = Book Attention Deficit Disorder. I suffer from it. (this is not meant to make light of any other disorders, just mine)

So. Should I make any New Year RESOLUTIONS? Will I just be setting myself up for disappointment? What if I feel that familiar old rebelliousness, and fight with myself about goals, or list of must do s (do's? somebody help me here with the punctuation). I've had issues with rebelliousness since I was a child, though I like to think I've settled down in the last 30 or so years, it still pops up once in a while. What if I sabotage myself?....yeah way too much angst.

One resolution - get healthier. I need to lose weight. One of the medications I take can cause weight gain. Quitting smoking can cause weight gain. I quit four years ago. I have turned into a slug physically (Hey I haven't felt good for quite a while - chronic pain messes with your head and your body, you suffer, try to control it and next thing you know it's been 6 or more years, you still have pain, and you've lost some mobility) So to get healthier I am going to force my self to walk. Hopefully I will be able to force my self to walk 3 times a week. That's reasonable. Not too much, not too little. I should drink more water also. Hate the taste of water. Love Pepsi. Hate diet taste. Won't drink diet stuff (it's bad for you y'know) , love sitting around reading of playing Sims2....yeah already sabatoging myself. Whatever. Balance is the key. yes.

Goal - actually finish 30 books this year. Hopefully some that I already have, that have been sitting around patiently waiting for me to open them. That's a little less than three books a month. I should be able to do that. Used to read more than that. I used to re-read books because I didn't have enough money to buy them, but I had to read.

Some of the books that I am looking forward to reading this year with some commentary. (I seem to be on a list making trend, how disturbing!) These aren't in any particular order;

  • Hotter than Hell - Jackie Kessler. I have her first two books Helles Belles and Road to Hell. I loved the first one, liked the second a lot, (the heroine went from an unapologetic succubus to a mostly unapologetic human) It might be a little difficult for me to read this one, can't find it in the stores.

  • Magic Strikes - Ilona Andrews. March...ugh end of March. March 31st 2009. I've read the first two books; Magic Bites and Magic Burns. Great reads.

  • Servant; the Acceptance - LL Foster. (Lori Foster) She usually writes romance. This is the second in her new series. The Awakening was the first. Pretty good. Some kick ass fighting of demons.

  • Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong. I might have to wait for the paperback though. Hardback is expensive and money's tight right now. Kelley Armstrong usually writes a great book. I've only been bored with one of her books, but I was able to finish it, so it wasn't that boring.

  • Personal Demon - Kelley Armstrong

  • The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

  • Blood Noir - Laurell K Hamilton. I don't buy her hardbacks anymore, but for some reason I still am driven to read her books. I wish I weren't. Even though I have been flabbergasted, confused and disappointed by her change in style and genre I am always hoping for a return to a recognizable plot, and some action besides her vanilla-style BDSM scenes. One can always hope. (I'm convinced that her current husband/former fanclub president is taking over more and more of the plot points, feeding her his ideas of good sex scenes - how else explain the latest books. Aside from the longwinded descriptions of 90's era clothes, and sappy phrasing of eye color, the sex scenes seem to be written from a mans' point of view. He helps her edit her books. He is a co-writer for her comic book version of the Anita Blake books.) I read her blog frequently. I wish I didn't. I need to stop. I can't stop....

  • At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost. Third in a series . The Night Huntress novels. Half human/half vampire heroine. Lots of fighting, blood and gore in the first two books. Some hotness, but not an overwhelming amount like others....

  • Queen of Dragons - Shana Abe. I actually started this book. Recently. Then I pick up Magic to the Bone, another book that I had laying around for awhile, had started and misplaced. I ended up finishing Magic to the Bone. I want to finish Queen of Dragons though. There is a mysterious, almost fairytale feel to this book. Kind of reminds me of Patricia McKillip, though few can actually compare to her or measure up. This one is close so far. I was a third of the way through when my BADD kicked in.

  • In the Blood - Adrian Phoenix. I read her first book Rush of Wings. It was great. So I picked up this one as soon as I saw it. Looking forward to it.

  • Underworld; Rise of the Lycans - Greg Cox. A Novelization of a movie. Don't usually like novelizations of movies, but it caught my eye. I see by the inside cover that there are two previous books-er novelizations. I saw the Underworld Revolution movie. Is the first movie worth finding and watching? Is the first novelization worth finding and reading? Any feedback, anyone?

  • Island of the Sequined Love Nun - Christopher Moore. Pretty much anything by Christopher Moore it worth reading. I've recently read The Stupidest Angel, a heartwarming tale of "Christmas Horror".
  • I would like to actually finish the rest of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher. I have the first five. I don't know why. The first one was a little slow, but interesting. The second one, yeah he's a bumbling wizard, with the obligatorily perverted sidekick skull (bob? tom?) hasn't changed yet. By the third book it seems (could be wrong) that he hasn't improved or learned anything. A little boring, a little blah. So anyway one day I started the fourth, but never actually finished it. I know a lot of people like his writing. It's okay, just doesn't keep my interest. Maybe I won't read them. Maybe I'll give them away. yeah, that's what I'll do. Maybe not.
  • Why do my earlier bullets have more space in between than the last two. how irritating.

Tired of listing books now, I'm overwhelming myself already. Happy New Year to everyone out there. I'm looking foward to a healthier me, with more books read. So far though - no walks yet, though I did put away a massive amount of laundry, re-arrange some of my drawers, and threw out a whole two item of worn out clothing. Unfortunately, while dealing with the massive amount of clothes that were gathered together after our move (we just moved) I ended up with three more baskets of laundry to be washed (thankfully not by me).

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